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What makes GMP Training Systems, Inc. distinctive?

We've been there - we've worked in the trenches. We know what it takes to become compliant. We look at GMP from a business perspective, not just from a compliance perspective. Plus, and this is important, we know how to connect with your people and make GMP training STICK!

In the words of our President, David Markovitz, "We translate GMP into plain and simple language that people at all levels in your organization can understand and implement to achieve compliance, lower costs, higher productivity, and more profits."

Do you offer public workshops?

Yes. We limit class size to fifteen or fewer to guarantee that you get the most out of your experience.
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Do you offer training products we can use to conduct our own GMP Training?

Yes, we have developed a twelve module system we call our GMP Training System. It comes in three formats: Instructor-led version for classroom training, an Interactive Computer-based version where you set up a workstation for people to go through individually, and a Web-based version where your people can access the modules through the Internet. We also have our line of FDA Survival Kits for specific topics. Companies throughout the United States, South and Central America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East are using our training products.

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Do you conduct in-plant training? Do you come to our plant and train our people? Do you customize your courses to meet our specific needs?

Yes, we've conducted workshops for companies throughout the United States, Central America, Asia, and in Europe.
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Do your offer web seminars and distance learning events?

Yes, we bring in industry experts to present in their specific areas of expertise.

These one-hour sessions are convenient, cost-effective, and time-effective - in your office or conference room.
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Are your training products available in Spanish?

Yes, our Instructor-led GMP Training System, our Interactive Computer-based GMP Training System, and our Web-based GMP Training System are all available in English and Spanish.
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Does your GMP Training System include a database or record keeping system where we can track students progress and test scores?

Yes, our Computer-based GMP Training System has a built in database and recordkeeping system. You can assign an administrator to track students' progress and print certificates of completion.

Our Web-based system comes with a complete Learning Management System and you can design and print reports. All data is exportable. Students can print their own certificates of completion upon successfully completing each module.

Can I see a sample of your GMP Training System before I commit to buy?

Sure you can.

For a sample module of our Instructor-led GMP Training System
For a sample module of our Computer-based GMP Training System
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How soon will I get my product when I order it?

Our Instructor-led and Computer-based GMP Training Systems and our Survival Kits ship the day after you order them, sometimes even the same day. Our Web-based GMP Training System can be set up so you're ready to use it the next day. Our retail Web-based system, available by the module or as an entire system, is ready to use within one to two hours from the time we receive your order.

Do you provide consulting and auditing services?

Yes, We match our experts to your situation to ensure you receive the best possible services.

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Do you have a newsletter or blog that I can subscribe to and keep current?

Yes, Subscribe and you'll receive updates as they are posted.

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