The GMP regulation for Dietary Supplements (21CFR Part 111) is here to stay. One of the requirements is to make sure that your people are trained in the requirements of this new regulation.

This new product is designed to help you get your people off to the right start.

This training kit will provide you with the tools to conduct a workshop that will provide your new employees with the basic fundamental concepts of GMP as they apply to the Dietary Supplements industry. The following topics are addressed in this training kit.

  • A brief history and evolution of GMP regulations
  • The intent of the GMP regulation
  • How to apply the GMP regulation
  • Highlights of the GMP regulation
  • Why following procedures is so critically important
  • Why proper record-keeping is so critically important
  • What constitutes proper record-keeping

Here's what you get:

  • Powerpoint file with Presentation Slides
  • Instructor's notes
  • A quiz to test comprehension 

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GMP for Dietary Supplements
GMP-supplements - Includes PowerPoint file with slides, instructor notes, and quiz

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