Training conducted for your people at your facility. Let our experts be your experts!

Our courses and workshops are designed specifically for the drug, medical device, cosmetics, dietary supplement, and food industries. All of our training can be customized to meet your specific needs.

Our courses and workshops are conducted by leading experts in their respective field. We have assembled a team of highly qualified experts to ensure that you receive the highest quality instruction. All of our instructors have worked in industry and have the experience of being on the receiving end of an FDA inspection. They have all successfully implemented corrective and preventive actions. If you’re not completely satisfied, our money back guarantee removes the risk.

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We use a hands-on interactive approach to our workshops. We use a comfortable facilitative style that is heavy on dialogue and discussion, and lighter on lecture. GMP and compliance is not a “sexy” topic, and is often presented in a rather droll, boring manner.

We work hard to engage people and make the training sessions enjoyable and even fun. Research has proven that when people are more engaged and having fun, they are more likely to remember the content and more importantly, apply the content in their daily work.

Our goal is that people make a personal commitment to apply the principles of GMP in their daily decisions – what we call Daily Moments of Truth. The workshop provides the foundation for people to develop GMP habits – making GMP a Daily Lifestyle.

In manufacturing, things happen, and it’s how we respond that makes the difference. Because so much of the GMP regulations are written in shades of gray (requiring interpretation), we focus on the subtleties and nuances of GMP compliance. Specifically, “What do we do when ______ happens?

GMP and QSR Workshops

GMP/QSR Executive Briefing
A workshop customized specifically for your senior management team. Primary focus is on management’s responsibility for compliance and FDA’s expectations of senior management.

GMP/QSR 101 – The Basics
An introductory GMP workshop introducing the basic principles of GMP. Includes background on FDA and how they operate. Also delves into the evolution of food and drug law.

Annual GMP/QSR Training Updates
This course meets the Code of Federal Regulations GMP requirement of “ongoing GMP training on a regular basis.” This is always customized to meet your specific needs

GMP/QSR Advanced Topics
Focuses on latest developments in industry and FDA. This is always customized to meet your specific needs.

Managing for GMP
Designed for anyone in a leadership position (managers, supervisors, leads, ... ). Fundamental leadership and management skills are covered within the framework of GMP responsibility. This is best delivered over a four to six month time period, with groups meeting for one day every 4 to 6 weeks. Application assignments ensure that implementation takes place.

GMP Train the Trainer
Designed for those who are called upon to conduct GMP training. This is a very hands-on workshop where participants develop and deliver a specific GMP lesson plan.